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Finance Consultant
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Sergio Franco has been in Finance for over 20 years. He is currently a finance consultant at one of the largest and well known hospitals in California. In addition to consulting, Sergio is also involved in business development, recruiting and staff development. Sergio is also the owner of several small companies and ventures within KLOWNSKI LLC, which include Klownski Toys and Collectibles, Klownski Travels and Klownski LTD.

Sergio has a broad range of financial management Leadership experience and business legal arbitration support experience. He has helped his clients  recover millions of dollars in lost revenue and has saved his clients aswell as individuals from financial disaster and financial burdens .
He also works with his clients Executive leadership to bolster processes to improve financial performance and positive outcomes. Sergio also has extensive experience in personal finances and healthcare finances and is well versed in the many types of financial assistant programs, finance solutions and financial debt relief.

Sergio is an avid retro Toy, collectibles and Sport memorabillia Collector and enjoys spending time traveling and enjoying time with family and friends.

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